About Us

The 21st century has brought a complete change in the way life operates on this planet.Being on the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution the digital age of intelligent machines, rampant mechanisation and automation of all biological and physical phenomena, technology is literally a body invader, penetrating consciousness, and reshaping our perception in cybernetic loops of information.Which calls for alternative and innovative ways of thinking about humanity, its environments by embracing change as well as understanding ourselves.

Group Futurista is a leading Global events company that produces B2B tech events in both physical and virtual formats that helps rapidly expanding IT and SAAS enterprises in generating leads. We help companies reach their respective ICPS in order to help them increase their consumer base. We boost the ROI for the companies by ensuring interaction from qualified leads from regions like NA, EMEA, APAC, MENA, and LATAM.

Industries are going through a huge transformation in alignment for its future growth and stability which is driven by technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, and IoT. Through our events we are providing a platform for integration of these emerging technologies within various divisions of business to scale up their business by reaching out to precisely targeted audience

Please send us a mail at jennifer@groupfuturista.com for further queries